Crazy days...


We never set out to be balloon launch experts. New World Design began this effort as a piece of post election therapy for their office. A disillusioned creative office did what designers do best, they designed. In this case they responded to the nagging issue of an ostentatious sign that was installed in 2014, the Trump Tower Chicago sign.

Since the 20' tall T R U M P letters were affixed to the building, they have been chided by the design community for their bad taste. Any name at this scale, be it SMITH or JONES or whatever, would have been unacceptable. It "brands" a highly visible area of Chicago's urban fabric in manner completely unsuited to our city. Then Mr. Trump ran for, and is elected, president via the most tasteless and erratic political display in American history.  Now here we are on Inauguration Day. This is not a "brand" that speaks for the vast majority of Chicagoans.

Over the next few months our intent is to tell the story of this process and experience through this website. We are a small operation that is driven by our passion for fairness in humanity. This is our method for fighting back and giving our community of rational minds a bigger voice.