what would Don do?

Since Mr. trump’s campaign promise to build a “huge, beautiful” wall along the Mexican border of the United States, our studio has pondered what kind of satire we could apply to the topic. We’ve had many starts and stops and ridiculed it in numerous ways. Eventually, we decided to simplify the task and take it to a potentially darker place by thinking about the project in the manner that our ardent leader might. These images and the below description derive from a thought basis through THAT lens.

In the theme of “Make America Great Again”, the Wall looks just like a friendly American picket fence, just like when times were good. The fence is just like a picket fence but 25 feet tall. Both sides can see through, one side can see through to the American dream, the other can see the bad guys being kept out.

The Wall is gold, showing wealth and luxury. This is a great symbol for America. It will create envy in those wanting to enter.

The Wall must protect Americans, so it will have a lethal electric charge. We’ll do this with high voltage, high amp, continuous current. The charged wires are on the Mexican side of the Wall. You can’t see the wires from our side.

Providing that kind of electric charge for a 2000 mile Wall will be challenging. In order to further benefit Americans, six new coal electric plants will be built to power the fence, one for every 400 miles. Jobs will be created by building the new power plants, jobs will be created for operating them, and jobs will be created in the coal industry. America wins and Mexico will pay for our Wall.

Executive office estimated cost, $500 million.