if it were easy....

After many months of logistical strategizing, technical design and efforts toward municipal approval, we are at a tactical point where we cannot proceed forward with our installation in Chicago in 2017. The balloons (to be fabricated inn England) require six weeks to fabricate and then another two weeks to deliver. This alone pushes the potential float date past September and beyond what we deem as a practical weather window. 

In addition to the timeline logistics, Chicago's transportation department would need to sign off on a permit to dock the construction barge in the designated location (in front of the Trump International Hotel and Tower). They are declining to do so. Among the concerns cited by the department are the potential for hindrance of heavy summer commercial and recreational traffic on the river as well as the issue of setting precedent (of allowing docking in the area). 

New World Design is continuing to pursue a 2018 exhibit in Chicago as well as assess opportunities in other cities. This website will remain operational (accepting donations and offering merchandise) as long as the project maintains forward momentum.